Antalya Cable Car

Last Updated on August 8, 2022

Antalya Cable Car (Tünektepe Teleferik)

You’ve come to Antalya and visited the entire city on foot. Now, wouldn’t it be nice to see the entire city from the top of the hill? I guess that’s a resounding YES! 

Imagine looking down on the incredible beaches and blue seas of Antalya from the top.  Especially on a hot day, while sitting on the hill with a cold drink in your hands, catching the summer breeze, and enjoying the view… it sounds like a perfect spot to spend your day. All of this is possible from Tünektepe Teleferik (cable car).

Visiting Information

The cable car is open every day of the week except Monday. The facility is open from 10 am to 7 pm. I would recommend going there in the evening, as during the day it might be a bit too hot. Towards the evening as the sun starts to set, you get a better view and better light to capture some pictures.  To purchase tickets and obtain updated operating information, visit the official site.





The facility is located on the western side of Antalya and is quite easy to get to. Situated on the road going towards Kepez makes it also easy to find, so don’t worry about missing it. Besides taking a bus, you can also come with your car and park it just at the entry of the cable car facility. There is also a road going up to the top, so if you come with a rental car, you also have that option. Near the facility there is also a beach called Sarısu Plajı, so by getting there you can also easily find your way.  See below for transportation information. 



After approximately a 9-minute ride, you will reach the top. Once you step out of the cable car, you will instantly encounter an incredible view of the whole city. On the eastern side, you will see the center of Antalya and the endless Konyaaltı Beach. On the western side, you will have a view of Sıçan Adası (island) and Topçam Beach.

For those who want to eat or drink something, there are two different cafes where you can enjoy your snack, lunch, and drinks. After coming such a long way up, it would be nice to sit for a while and take in the stunning view. 

If you’d like to go up and down on foot you have a possibility to stay longer than 7 pm, which is the closing time of the cable car. In the summer the sun starts to set around 8:30, so if you would ask me that's quite early, as the best hour and view starts to appear around the hour of the sunset. If you came with a group of people, and you are willing to watch the sunset from the top, you can easily go for the option to go back on foot. But I wouldn’t recommend you to do it all by yourself. Always try to have someone with you if you go for a hike.


The cable car is located in Sarısu, that’s why you can take any bus going to that location.

  • If you’re going from Işıklar, you have to take bus number KL08, and disembark at the Sarısu station.
  • From 100. Yıl, take bus number KL08, GCK60, GCK76, KC34, DM84, or UC32, and get off at Sarısu.
  • From Konyaaltı, take KL08, DM34, KC33, KC34, MF40, TK32, or UC32, get off at Sarısu station.
  • From Lara, take KL08 or GCK76, and disembark at Sarısu.
  • From Kepez, take bus number TK52, AF04 or DM84, and disembark at Sarısu.


-By Julide Koca


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