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Last Updated on May 20, 2023

Kurşunlu Waterfall - Perge Ancient City - Aksu Piyaz & Köfte

If you want to spend a day out of the busy city center of Antalya, and dive into the outskirts, where you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty of this Mediterranean city, here is a nice recommended day trip for you and your family.

This day planning takes you from the Kurşunlu Waterfall, where you can have a nice picnic or stop for lunch, to the ancient city of Perge, along with its famous theater, and finish your day off with a well-deserved meal at the famous Meşhur Aksu Şimşek Köfteci İsa.

As these places are all located on the outskirts of Antalya, yet close to one another, what can be better than combining them into a nice one-day escape from the city into the lesser-explored attractions nearby?


Kurşunlu Waterfall

For our first stop, we head on to the Kurşunlu Waterfall. When planning a day trip, it's always best to start with the furthest place, then slowly return while visiting other places.

The waterfall is located in the town of Aksu, somewhere in the northeast district of the city center of Antalya. It is a very nice, calming place, where you really can feel nature surrounding you to its fullest. As this place is turned into a natural park, there are also various things to do.

For those who want to have a longer hike, there is a special path designed, leading you to water lilies. For those who want to have something to eat or drink, there are nice cafes where you can enjoy your time, or you can also bring your own food and have a delicious picnic with your family.

If you want to know more about  Kurşunlu Waterfall, read our article, where we explain in detail the attractions, activities, transportation, and more.

Lunch At Aksu Piyaz

While going around, you also need some fuel for sure! As I mentioned earlier, you can either have a picnic or eat something in a small cafe. But if you don’t want to be encumbered, you may prefer to stop at a nearby restaurant.

I would recommend you go to a nice fish restaurant near the waterfall. There are various nice places, where you can enjoy your freshly caught fish from the river, making it a hundred times more delicious. 


Perge Ancient City 

The Ancient City of Perge, is a MUST-visit place of Antalya. Coming here, you wouldn’t want to miss it for sure. So, as a second stop, I added Perge to our list. After you have had your lunch, you are ready for a long journey into the ancient world. Perge is a very big city, and there are various different structures to visit. As such, it will take you quite a bit of time to fully grasp this historical beauty. But keep in mind that Antalya is very hot in the summer, and visiting an ancient city at the hottest time of the day isn’t a very good idea. That’s why I would recommend you to start your visit around 6 pm, which is also the most beautiful hour, as the sun starts to set slowly, leaving a very nice golden trace on the bricks. 

After you visited Perge, it’s time to have a little walk towards a delicious eatery, which will take no longer than 15 minutes on foot. Read more about Perge, including how to get there and the amazing history behind this ancient site.


After a long day, you deserve a nice dinner! The place I will recommend to you is my personal favorite place to have Şiş Köfte and Piyaz all around Antalya. It is Meşhur Aksu Şimşek Köfteci İsa.

The only thing they have on the menu is köfte (meatballs) and piyaz (white bean salad), which also shows how confident they are in their food. Their piyaz is incredibly flavourful, and the tahini they use on top is super nutty and of high quality. Their köfte is juicy, and the things they serve extra on the table for free are out of this world. 

You only pay for the main dish but also get a huge plate of salad, bread, ayran (yogurt drink) to drink, and a serving of kadayıf, which is a Turkish delight made with shredded wheat, filled with walnuts and dipped in syrup. 

This is the best way to end your day.

Read more about Meşhur Aksu Şimşek Köfteci İsa and where to have piyaz.


 -Julide Koca

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