Where to Eat Ice Cream in Antalya

Last Updated on December 16, 2022

Best Ice Cream Antalya

Where to Eat Ice Cream in Antalya

Summer heat and ice cream, is there a better combination? While discovering the beautiful city of Antalya, why not make your day sweeter with some delicious ice cream? Here in Antalya, you can find tons of different ice cream places such as gelato, Turkish Maraş ice cream, unique flavored ice cream, as well as Antalya’s specialties, which you can’t find anywhere else. 

Yanık Dondurma, translated as burnt ice cream, is Antalya’s specialty. As it can only be found in Antalya, you wouldn't want to skip tasting this flavor. The reason why it is called burnt is because during the process of making the ice cream, the bottom is intentionally burnt in order to give it a smokey flavor. 

Normally, I am not big on eating ice cream, but since I am here in Antalya, I’ve enjoyed treating myself to all that this city has to offer.  Not only is it super affordable, but you can also find tons of different flavors. 

Here is my guide to where to eat ice cream in Antalya so you can enjoy the best options.




Being one of Antalya’s most popular ice cream places, Dondurma Dükkanı is filled with customers every time of the day. As their slogan says, there is no season for love, and they really deserve recognition for their incredible flavors. Every week they add new flavors, which you may not be able to find the next time you come. This makes the customers curious and addicted to their ice cream, waiting excitedly for upcoming flavors. 

Good news for health-conscious ice cream lovers: they don’t use any coloring, sweetener, flavoring, or chemical additives. This brings their ice cream to a whole different level.








As mentioned earlier, one of Antalya’s specialties is its burnt ice Cream, Yanık Dondurma. Zamora, being one of the oldest ice cream shops in Antalya, still serves this flavor, and is most popular for it. So this is definitely the place to go for a nice scoop of burnt ice cream. They also serve tahini and walnuts, which are also among their preferable flavors. 

Apart from these, in their shop, you can also order tons of different desserts and sample their delicious signature puff pastries, which have various options, both sweet and savory.






Best Ice Cream Antalya
Best Ice Cream Antalya



Rated among Turkey's 10 best ice cream places, Giliğ is famous for its burnt ice cream. Its history traces back to the 1950s, starting in Korkuteli on a three-wheeled trolley.  Their goat ice cream is one of their most prominent flavors, as well as their stevia, tahini, and pumpkin dessert ice cream. I highly recommend you give this place a try and enjoy their creamy and delicious flavors.





Known for their goat milk ice cream, Konak Dondurma only serves different flavors made with goat milk. Usually, people are put off by the smell and taste of goat milk, which was also my approach before tasting it. But I have to admit, it was the best goat milk ice cream I ever had in my life. I couldn’t even tell it was made with goat milk. It was so creamy and tasty, that I genuinely recommend everybody to give it a try and break the prejudice against goat milk ice cream.


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