Sabancı Merkez Mosque, Adana, Turkey

Last Updated on March 15, 2023

Sabancı Merkez Mosque

Turkey’s second biggest Mosque, the Sabancı Central Mosque (Camii), has been welcoming visitors since 1998. The mosque is located in the Merkez (central) Park, Adana’s biggest park, and lies along the Seyhan River. The incredible architecture of the mosque with its 6 minarets, catches the attention of every passerby. The overwhelming interior design of the mosque is definitely a must-see.


The mosque lies in the Reşatbey district and is located in the center of Adana. On one side there is the new city center, and on the other is the old city center. It is situated in the Merkez Park (Central Park), which is almost 50 hectares big. The tranquil and peaceful atmosphere of the park harmonizes perfectly with the glamorous beauty of the giant mosque. Along the park flows the Seyhan River, over which you can cross over several pedestrian bridges.

When to Visit & What to Wear

The mosque is open to visitors every day of the week. 

To enter the mosque, women need to cover their head, and wear long pants or a skirt covering their legs. Men are allowed to wear shorts knee length or longer. 


The Sabancı Central Mosque has 4 half domes, 5 domes,and 6 minarets. The 4 half domes represent the 4 main prophets, Hz.Ebu Bekir, Hz Ali, Hz.Osman, Hz.Ömer. The 5 domes represent the 5 conditions of Islam. And the 6 minarets correspond to the 6 conditions of faith.

The 28 domes in the courtyard are dedicated to the 28 prophets mentioned in the Qur’an. The number of windows placed in the dome correspond to the age when Hz.Muhammed became a prophet, at the age of 40. The 6 minarets of 99 meters high, are a representation of the 99 names of Allah.

Sabanci Merkez Camii Mosque

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