Bike Tour in Adana

Last Updated on April 3, 2023

Bike Tour in Adana

Adana is a beautiful city, with plenty of things to do, if you know where and when to go. As you may know, Adana has extreme heat during the summer, going up to 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit).  Thanks to being built around water sources, such as Seyhan Lake, the barrage, and the river, the heat becomes a tiny bit more bearable due to the freshness coming from the water. This is also why especially in the summer people like to be outside closer to the water and forests nearby. 

Biking trails in Adana turkey

Speaking of forests, one of my favorite places to spend some peaceful time in Adana is in the Yaşar Kemal Yürüyüş Parkuru (Yaşar Kemal Walking Track), which I call the Eucalyptus Forest. The abundant amount of eucalyptus and pine trees make this place the perfect spot to be. As such, I decided to create a route for you that will take you from Adana’s Central Park, passing over the barrage into the forests, and bring you back to your starting spot. 

Route Length 

Length: 16 Km (10 Miles) 

Duration: 3 h - 3.30 hours (on foot)

Where to Rent a Bike

There are several places where you can rent a bike. They are mainly located near the riverside, so you won’t have to look too far.



This is my personal favorite location to rent a bike. It’s not only affordable, but they also have several different bike options from which you can pick. You can either go for an electric bike or a basic, three-wheeled, 2 person bike.

Address: Reşatbey Mh, Merkez park Içi, Fuzuli Cd. no:12/1-a, 01120 Seyhan/Adana

Storie Store

This is another very cute cafe where you can rent a bike. Here the prices might be slightly higher, but the bikes are of better quality. It is located on the Toros Street right across Central Park.

Address: Cemalpaşa, Toros Cd. No:7, 01120 Seyhan/Adana

Bike Path


Biking in Adana
  • Start: Adana Central Park
  • Take DSI Barrage Bridge
  • Yaşar Kemal Walking Track
  • Picnic Area
  • Cross over the Seyhan Barrage
  • Cycle back along the Barrage
  • Pass by DSI Barrage Bridge
  • Finish: Adana Central Park

Once you rent your bike, you can start your route by going in the opposite direction of the mosque. If you cross the wooden orange bridge at the beginning of your route, you won’t be able to get far away as the bicycle road is limited on that side of the river. 

Cycle along the river until you reach the DSI Barrage Bridge. Once you cross it, on your left you will encounter a very narrow bridge. Once you cross it, you will end up on the Yaşar Kemal Walking Track, which I call the eucalyptus forest. That is when your peaceful ride begins.

Biking in Adana

As you go further, you will encounter small tea houses, and picnic spots where you can rest for a while and enjoy your day. Especially during the weekends, a lot of families and friends gather for a picnic or a walk. After that, you can either cycle the same way back, but I would rather go in the other direction.

Towards the end of the forest, you will encounter an orange wooden bridge, only open for pedestrians and cyclists. Once you cross the barrage, cycle along the water until you reach the DSI Barrage Bridge from the other side. Pass by it and pedal until you reach back to Central Park.  And voila, you just finished a 16 km route.

You can follow the path on the map down below, highlighted with the letters of the alphabet, starting at the red flag spot.


Written by Julide Koca

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