Antalya Real Estate: Investing in Turkey’s Mediterranean Region

Last Updated on May 7, 2024

Looking to invest in Antalya real estate or find a coastal gem for your own? Antalya’s prime location, economic growth, and diverse property scene make it a top choice. This guide cuts through the complexity, giving you the tools to confidently explore apartments, villas, and investment properties, understand the buying steps, and grasp legal considerations. Dive into the specifics of what Antalya’s real estate has to offer and how to secure your spot in this Mediterranean haven.

Key Takeaways

  • Antalya’s real estate market is experiencing high demand due to its growing tourism industry and improving economy, leading to appreciating property values especially in areas like Lara, Muratpasa, and Konyaalti.
  • The Antalya property market offers a diverse range of real estate, including apartments, villas, and commercial properties, catering to various investment budgets and with potential benefits like capital appreciation and rental income.
  • Buyers should navigate key steps such as selecting a reputable agent, inspecting properties, handling legal procedures, and can utilize financing options, with consideration of challenges unique to foreign investors.

Why Antalya Real Estate is in High Demand

The flourishing real estate market in Antalya is largely attributed to its popularity as a tourist destination and an expanding economy. Property values in Antalya have been on an upward trajectory, with significant growth seen across apartments and villas in popular areas such as:

  • Lara
  • Muratpasa
  • Konyaalti
  • Belek

This growth, coupled with Antalya’s increasing popularity among tourists and investors alike, has made Antalya an attractive destination for property investment.

The allure of properties in Antalya goes well beyond the city’s picturesque landscape. Investors are drawn to the city’s diverse districts, each offering its unique blend of opportunities. For instance, the district of Dosemealti has been experiencing a surge in demand, suggesting a growing interest among investors looking to buy property in Antalya.

Tourist Attraction

Antalya’s popularity as a tourist destination significantly increases the demand for real estate. The city drew a remarkable 15.7 million tourists last year, highlighting its status as a top-tier holiday spot. As tourists often seek holiday homes or rental properties, this inflow of visitors expands the market for property investments, thereby boosting the real estate sector. The Turkish real estate market, particularly in Antalya, is experiencing significant growth due to these factors.

Tourists are particularly drawn to small gated complexes with features such as:

  • pools
  • sea views
  • private gardens
  • parking

The preferred areas for Turkish properties include the city center, Lara Beach, Konyaalti, and Kemer, which offer a range of property options from modern apartments to luxurious villas. Another benefit of purchasing property is the possibility of attaining Turkish citizenship. By owning a home in the Antalya region, live near Turkey's historical heritage, sandy beaches, all while living in a modern and developed city.

Growing Economy

Over the past decade, Antalya’s economy has seen significant growth, making it one of the Turkish provinces contributing most to the national income. This growth, driven primarily by tourism, agriculture, and industry, has led to an increase in the number of foreign investors seeking a residence permit in the region.

The city is also increasing its attractiveness to investors through infrastructure initiatives. These include:

  • The expansion of railway lines
  • The Antalya Grand Project for residential development
  • The ongoing expansion project at Antalya International Airport aimed at doubling its capacity

These developments have a positive impact on real estate prices in Antalya city, making it an attractive investment destination, especially in the city centre with its business centers.

Types of Properties Available in Antalya

Antalya offers a diverse range of Antalya properties, including apartments, villas, and commercial properties, to cater to various budgets and personal preferences. Many foreign investors choose to purchase property in Antalya to obtain a temporary residence permit, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of living in this beautiful region.

The upcoming subsections will provide a more detailed analysis of each property type.


Antalya’s apartments offer a spectrum of options, from budget-friendly choices to luxury residences, with a variety of sizes and locations to suit different tastes and budgets. The average prices for apartments in Antalya vary, with the range typically starting from Euro 45,000 and going up to $164,000, influenced by factors such as the apartment’s location and type.

The cost of a luxury one-bedroom apartment (60 sqm) in Antalya is approximately $168,000, while a luxury two-bedroom apartment (85 sqm) may reach around $238,000. This indicates a notable price disparity from more affordable apartment options.


Villas in Antalya offer added privacy and space, often with features like private pools and gardens. They are particularly attractive to foreign buyers. Here are some key details about villas in Kalkan:

  • The average buying price of a villa in Kalkan is 11,000,000 liras.
  • The estimated return on investment is 4 years.
  • The average cost per square meter is 41,500 liras.

In contrast, the average purchase price of a villa in Kas is 12,400,000 liras, and the return period for buying a villa in Kas ranges from 4 to 5 years. These figures underscore the variety of villa options available in Antalya, catering to different investment budgets and preferences.

Commercial Properties

For individuals looking to generate income, Antalya’s commercial properties, which include hotels, shops, and offices, present lucrative investment opportunities. These properties, available in various locations including the districts of Lara, Konyaalti, and others, provide a range of options for potential investment.

The prices of commercial properties in Antalya can vary significantly, typically ranging from €23,000,000 to €200,000,000. These variations are influenced by factors such as location and size. The most desirable neighborhoods in Antalya for commercial properties are:

  • Lara
  • Konyaalti
  • Kepez
  • Old Town (Kaleici)
  • Dosemealti

Popular Districts for Buying Property in Antalya

Several districts in Antalya are popular for property investment, each presenting its unique perks and property choices. These include Konyaalti, Lara, and Kepez.

The upcoming subsections will offer further insights into each of these districts.


Konyaalti is a popular district for property buyers in Antalya, known for its modern developments, beachfront properties, and proximity to amenities. The district offers a selection of residential properties, encompassing new build apartments, buy-to-let investment homes, houses, and luxury villas.

Purchasing a property in Konyaalti comes with numerous benefits, including proximity to Antalya’s premier beach, steady property value appreciation, and access to well-established local services and amenities.

Stunning view of Konyaalti beach in Antalya


Renowned for its upscale apartments and villas, Lara appeals to both domestic and international investors because of its superior quality of life and proximity to the city center. The average price for a house in this area is approximately $530,000, indicating the luxury status of properties in this region.

Beyond its opulent properties, Lara also boasts a wide array of amenities, including beachfront hotels, restaurants, bars, and entertainment options, all tailored to suit an upscale lifestyle.

Lara is situated approximately 15.3 km away from Antalya’s city center, providing a harmonious blend of peaceful surroundings and accessibility to urban amenities.

Stunning view of Konyaalti beach in Antalya


Kepez, an emerging district with new developments and investment prospects, provides budget-friendly housing choices. Residential complexes in Kepez offer various types of apartments with amenities such as 24/7 security systems and social facilities, all available at reasonable prices.

Current developments in Kepez encompass:

  • High-end real estate close to Duden Waterfalls
  • Residential units in recently constructed buildings priced between $55,000 and $740,000
  • A new investment endeavor in close proximity to market and entertainment amenities

The median price of an apartment available for sale in the Kepez district of Antalya is TRY 3,256,712.

Stunning view of Konyaalti beach in Antalya

Steps to Buying Property in Antalya

Buying property in Antalya involves several steps, including finding a reputable agent, inspecting properties, and navigating legal procedures and documentation.

The subsequent subsections will provide a more in-depth look at these steps.

Finding a Reputable Agent

Selecting the appropriate real estate agent is crucial as they can aid in locating the suitable property, negotiating prices, and providing guidance throughout the buying process. A reputable real estate agent in Antalya is typically expected to hold a formal education in ‘Real Estate and Property Management’ from a university or possess a Certificate of Professional Competence. Additionally, they should demonstrate qualities such as extensive local market knowledge, understanding of planning permissions and title deeds, and the capability to facilitate a smooth buying process for their clients.

To identify a trusted real estate agent in Antalya, foreign buyers should carry out comprehensive research, looking for agents with positive reviews and a strong online presence across their websites and social media profiles. Additionally, seeking recommendations from friends or acquaintances with experience in Antalya’s real estate market is beneficial.

Reputable agencies known for catering to international investors include AntalyaHomes, Adil SAMI, SpotBlue, PropertyTurkey, TurkeyExpert, TurkeyHomes, Turyap, and Re/Max.

Legal Procedures and Documentation

Grasping and handling legal procedures and documentation, which includes an array of contracts, permits, and registration processes, is a crucial part of the property buying process. The prescribed legal procedures for the acquisition of real estate in Antalya encompass obtaining the Title Deed (Tapu) at the local Tapu Office and finalizing an affidavit for off-plan property acquisitions.

The required documents for purchasing property in Antalya are:

  • A valid passport
  • Tax number
  • Bank account
  • Appraisal report
  • Compulsory earthquake insurance (DASK)

The legal process for purchasing property in Antalya generally takes approximately four weeks to finalize.

Investment Opportunities in Antalya Real Estate

Antalya’s real estate market offers a variety of investment opportunities, including rental properties, commercial investments, and potential for capital appreciation. Commercial real estate in Antalya is offered for sale in various locations, including the districts of Lara, Konyaalti, and others, providing a range of options such as shops, offices, and hotels for potential investment.

The estimated rate of return for rental properties in Antalya is around 7.15% per year, and rental incomes are subject to a tax rate of 27% in Antalya. Also, as Antalya undergoes continued growth and development, the potential for capital appreciation in the real estate market is quite promising.

Challenges and Considerations for Foreign Buyers

When purchasing property in Antalya, foreign buyers should consider several challenges and factors. For instance, foreigners are not permitted to purchase properties near barracks and military headquarters, as well as in Turkish villages without a municipality. A foreigner is also not allowed to purchase more than ten percent of the area administratively.

Potential risks also include acquiring a property that is subject to legal restrictions or priced above its actual market value, especially when purchasing real estate through tourist companies or travel agencies. Therefore, obtaining a currency conversion slip from the bank prior to visiting the Deed Registry Office in Turkey for the transfer of the property deed they have acquired is crucial.

Benefits of Owning Property in Antalya

Homeowners in Antalya enjoy several benefits that significantly improve their quality of life. Property owners in Antalya experience a high quality of life, characterized by a vibrant atmosphere, sunny weather, and beautiful beaches. The cost of living for property owners in Antalya is relatively lower, particularly when compared with European countries, thus rendering it a desirable location for foreign nationals.

Moreover, owning property in Antalya can potentially generate rental income as a result of the flourishing tourism industry, presenting an excellent investment opportunity. The average cost of maintaining a property in Antalya is also reasonable, approximately 800 Euro per year for a 2 bedroom apartment in a complex, and around 1,200 Euro per year for a 3 bedroom villa in a complex.

Financing Options for Buying Property in Antalya

Various financing options for buying property in Antalya, such as bank loans, developer financing, and installment plans, make it easier for a wide range of buyers to enter the property market. These financing options make it easier for buyers to invest in Antalya’s real estate market, even if they may not have the full purchase price readily available.

Bank loans are a common financing option, with many local and international banks offering mortgage options for property purchases. Developer financing is another option, where the property developer provides a loan to the buyer which can be paid back over time. Installment plans are also offered by some developers, allowing the buyer to pay for the property in regular installments over a set period.


Antalya’s blossoming real estate market is an enticing prospect for any investor, offering a variety of properties in popular districts, potential for high rental yields, and a high quality of life. Whether you are a foreign buyer seeking a holiday home, an investor looking for commercial properties, or a local resident wanting to own a piece of this beautiful city, Antalya has something to offer. With a clear understanding of the purchasing process, potential challenges, and available financing options, you can navigate the market with confidence and secure a profitable investment in Antalya’s thriving real estate market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Antalya a good place to buy property?

Yes, Antalya is a good place to buy property due to its stunning Mediterranean coastline, historic sites, and a thriving real estate market.

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