Ethnicon Carpet Shop

Owner Memet Gureli runs EthniCon and Dhoku in Istanbul to sell some of the highest quality Turkish carpets to consumers from around the world. He is a third generation carpet salesman who has been selling in the Grand Bazaar for 45 years.

As the most award-winning rug company in Turkey, EthniCon offers outstanding prices for their Turkish carpets of the highest quality and style without overcharging customers, as many carpet shops do.

Additionally, they are among the pioneers of the patchwork trend which has become one of the most popular in the industry.

EthniCon sells all handmade, ethnic, and contemporary carpets of the highest quality materials. Each carpet tells a unique story and is sold after extensive hard work and intent by the designers. All of the carpets sold are manufactured, dyed, and designed by EthniCon and Dhoku. This encourages diverse options for buyers to find the best carpet to meet your desires – from designs, colors, styles, and more.

The primary products sold are dhoku (flat weave), ethnicon (patchwork), and yazzma (fabrics and pillowcases). Prices start at $20-$100 per square foot.

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