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Last Updated on January 5, 2023

TTP highly recommends Vezirhan as a trusted carpet shop in Istanbul for 32 years. Prior to their opening in Istanbul, they were located in Van (Eastern Turkey). Currently, they are planning to open a new carpet shop in Göbeklitepe, under the name of Asurya

While some carpet shops tend to be quite pushy, Vezirhan will show you as many carpets as you would like with no expectation that you will buy one in return. Their incredible hospitality will put you at ease. Regardless of whether you buy a carpet or not, it is a very enjoyable cultural experience.

Expertise & hospitality

Tahir Abi is the owner of Vezirhan, and has been in this business for more than 30 years. He started his journey in Van, with a small carpet shop, and broadened his business to Istanbul. Since then he has been trading his carpets all around the world.  

The shop is full of wonderful people like Salman Abi, who grew up in Eastern Turkey with the heritage and lifestyle of making and selling traditional carpets. Abi’s mother was very skilled and made amazing pieces using natural colors. If you have a chance to visit Vezirhan, you will be able to hear these wonderful stories from Salman himself, telling them with the same joy since day one.

The most precious experience you get when visiting Vezirhan is seeing Selman Öztürk who will introduce you to the very first step of making silk obtained from cones. He devoted his entire life to this job, telling that he could never see himself doing any other occupation. 



Turkish rugs are a work of art, and carpet sellers say that once you buy one, they become part of your family. As they age, they become even more beautiful and valuable, and are full of a lifetime of memories. Even if you aren’t sure of your intention to invest in buying a carpet or kilim, when visiting their shop, will be at least one piece that you will feel an instant connection with, and this is where the magic lies.


Process of creating carpets


The different threads are created using ash and water before being beaten (see our video above to learn more about the process). Rugs can be woven in different ways. They can be either a single knotted or double-knotted, each of which can be identified by looking at the type of patterns that appear on the underside of the rug.

Men shear the wool, and the remainder of the process is completed by women. Which is the part that takes the most time and effort.

The women begin learning how to master the creations when they are 11 years old, but do not begin making carpets for their dowry until she’s had six or seven years of experience. This is the time in which their talent is shown publicly.

Every pattern has an individual meaning and tells a different story. The lack of women’s freedom to express themselves in the past has played a significant role in how the patterns are created. Often, elaborate emotions are expressed through the patterns, which is why every rug has its own magnificence.

Authenticity & Quality

Each of the carpets sold at Vezirhan comes with a certificate verifying authenticity from the region in which its materials originated. Abi encourages shoppers to only purchase the products they love, free of pressure during the selling process. In addition, buyers receive free shipping from all around the world. As rugs are considered an investment, which often becomes a treasured family heirloom, we encourage you to measure space and prepare a budget beforehand so you can find a carpet that best matches your needs.

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