Fields of Aphrodisias, Turkey

Last Updated on April 25, 2019

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Cotton crops and marble temples, Aphrodisias, Aegean Turkey

Cotton Crops…and the City of Love

Gleaming marble temples rising above green fields of spring cotton….

This must be Aphrodisias (Afrodisias) in the Meander River valley of Turkey’s Aegean region hinterland.

The “temple” you see is actually the Tetrapylon, or monumental triple gateway into the city.

Aphrodisias, the City of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, is a wonderful place. Nearby quarries of excellent-quality marble supplied the glistening stone not only for the rich city’s fine buildings, but also for the superb sculptures of the human form produced in the city’s renowned school of sculpture.

The best way to visit the white marble city of love is on a day-trip or overnight excursion from EphesusSelçukKusadasi or Izmir to the hot mineral water baths at Pamukkale.

Little did the builders and sculptors of ancient Aphrodisias imagine that their splendid work would give pleasure to visitors from all over the world 25 centuries later….

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