Arcadian Way & Theater, Ephesus

Last Updated on April 25, 2019

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Arcadian Way to Great Theater, Ephesus (Efes), Aegean Turkey

Main Street, Ephesus

The Arcadian Way, the main street of Roman-era Ephesus, leading from the city’s busy harbor to the foot of the Great Theater.

Imagine merchants hastening toward you, down to the harbor, to inspect newly-arrived cargoes. Toga-clad matrons shopping in the best places on either side. Porters moving wares on donkey-back. Children rolling hoops along the marble paving stones.

Imagine Paul of Tarsus being manhandled into the Great Theater, filled with thousands of Ephesians, for an impromptu “trial” because he was threatening the livelihood of the silversmiths. (Paul’s teachings about Christianity were winning converts from the cult of Artemis and causing a decline in silver votive items for the pagan cult.)

Then walk along the marble street yourself, and be there.

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