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Last Updated on May 6, 2019

Many visitors to Bergama use İzmir, with its large selection of good hotels, as a traveling base, and come to Bergama on day-trips (map).

Coming from the north, travelers spend the night in ÇanakkaleAssos or Ayvalık, and visit Bergama during the day on their way south to İzmir or Ephesus.

But if you want to stay in Bergama, you’ll find some good choices.

Anıl Boutique Hotel

With a city-center location, the Anıl allows you to walk to many of Bergama’s sights. More…

Athena Pension

Long-time choice for thrifty travelers, with a city-center location. More…

Akropolis Boutique Hotel

On the northern side of the city center, not far from the Red Basilica and the Acropolis, the appropriately-named Akropolis Boutique Hotel has a convenient location as well. More…

Hotel Berksoy

If you have your own transport, this can be a convenient choice, on the main street between the highway bus terminal and city center.

The Berksoy was built when bus tours still regularly stopped in Bergama for the night. Its prospects were good. A large 1970s motel-style building on two floors, it anticipated both tour groups and motorists.

Today it hosts mostly individual motorists. Its guest rooms are comfortable enough (though hardly fancy), with balconies, private baths with shower and hair dryer, and Wifi wireless Internet.

Depending on the season and demand, you may be assigned to a newer or older room. If several rooms are available, you may ask to see several, and choose the best. More…

If your room reservation is made by a travel agency, you may have a better chance of getting a renovated room, as hotels usually favor guests who come via agencies.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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