Altınkum Beach, Turkey

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

Altınkum (“Golden Sand”) beach, a few kilometers south of Didymaand the Temple of Apollo (map), was just a beach when I first saw it many years ago.

It is now a popular summer beach resort with dozens of hotels, villas, restaurants and holiday fun activities, popular with British and European visitors as well as Turkish vacationers.

If you’re interested in a hotel or renting/letting a holiday villa or apartment/flat near Didim or Altınkum, you may find it here:

Altınkum is also a popular stop on day-tours from Kuşadası and Selçuk (Ephesus) that visit the three ancient cities of Priene (Prien)Miletus (Milet) and Didyma (Didim), then finish with a swim atAltınkum Beach.

Here’s how to do the Priene-Miletus-Didyma excursion on your own.)

Here are more maps of Aegean Turkey.

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