Transport for Sinop, Turkey

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

Bus service is mostly via Ankara or Samsun, so you may have to change buses there.

Sinop has no trains.

The nearest airport is at Samsun.

Distances & Travel Times

Amasra:312 km (194 miles) W, 7 hours by car (no direct bus service)

Amasya:263 km (163 miles) S, 5 hours

Ankara:434 km (270 miles) SW, 8 hours

Boğazkale:390 km (242 miles) S, 7 hours

Çorum:307 km (191 miles) S, 6.25 hours

Giresun:377 km (234 miles) E, 7 hours

Istanbul:700 km (435 miles) W, 13 hours

Kastamonu: 192 km (119 miles) SW, 4 hours

Safranbolu:300 km (186 miles) NE, 5.5 hours

Samsun:168 km (104 miles) NW, 3 hours

Trabzon:514 km (319 miles) E, 9 hours

—by Tom Brosnahan

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