Hotels in Trabzon, Turkey

Last Updated on May 6, 2019

Trabzon has plenty of hotels in all price ranges. The largest concentration, and most convenient location, is near Atatürk Alanı, the meydan, or central park, of Trabzon.

From here you can walk to most of Trabzon’s sights.

The most comfortable and convenient hotel in Trabzon is the 5-star, 157-room Zorlu Grand Hotel, just a few steps west of Atatürk Alanı, with all services and many rooms that are surprisingly quiet—in the maelstrom of central Trabzon—because of quadruple glazing on the windows. With its own restaurants, pastry shop, boutiques, swimming pool, fitness center and covered garage, it’s Trabzon’s complete place to stay. More…

The 4-star, 200-room Novotel Trabzon is among the city’s newest hotels. Its location on the shore next to the World Trade Center 12 kilometers east of the city center, is convenient for business travelers visiting the WTC, but inconvenient for most sightseers. More…

The 3-star, 44-room Horon Hotel is very near Atatürk Alanı, the central square, so you can walk to most of what you’ll want to visit in Trabzon. More…

The small, inexpensive 15-room Nur Hotel has a good central location and basic services. More…

—by Tom Brosnahan

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