Hotels in Ankara, Turkey

Last Updated on August 17, 2023

Ankara has hundreds of hotels. Where you stay depends on your lodging preferences and what you plan to do in the city.

For a visit of one or two nights, and on a budget, it makes sense to stay near Ulus Square in the northern part of the city not far from the Ankara Gar (train station) (map), and an airport bus stop) because most of the city’s sights are also here. But if you prefer top-class hotels, you’ll prefer the upscale Çankaya or Kavaklıderedistricts to the south.

Here are your best choices:

Ulus Square

At the base of the hill with the Citadel, Ulus was the first area of Ankara developed in Ottoman and early Republican times, so it has the most things of interest to visit. The hotels here tend to be less expensive and less fancy than those in the upscale southern districts, but you can walk from an Ulus hotel to almost everything you’ll want to see.


Just down the hill from the diplomatic district of Çankaya to the south, Kavaklıdere is more upscale and sophisticated than Ulus, with pastry shops instead of market stalls. Hotels here tend to provide fine comfort and good value compared to the 5-star high-rises in Çankaya. The Metro does not reach here (yet), so you’ll find yourself taking Ankara’s taxis to the sights.


This upscale district is where you’ll find the Pembe Köşk, Turkey’s presidential mansion, and many important embssies and diplomatic residences. The big-name international high-rise hotels are also here: Hilton, Sheraton, etc. Taxis provide your transport (unless you have your own car and driver).

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