Breakfast in a Cappadocian Valley

Last Updated on July 6, 2022

village breakfast in a Cappadocian valley is a special occasion: you ride from the Kelebek Hotel or Sultan Cave Suites up into the volcanic hills of Cappadocia in a converted distillery cask.

After the short ride in the fresh morning air, you then descend a l-o-n-g flight of stairs cut right into the soft volcanic tufa to reach the valley floor:

Steps into a Cappadocian valley, Turkey

(An approach by sand track is available for those with mobility challenges, or who simply don't care to negotiate the stairs.)

At the bottom among the fruit trees and grapevines, a local village family has laid out an authentic Cappadocian country village breakfast on a stone terrace in the warm Cappadocian sun.

(In the unlikely event of inclement weather, you breakfast in a cave dining room next to the terrace.)

Fresh-baked village bread, homemade fruit jams, preserves and juices, local honey, fried or boiled eggs or omelettes, pickled vegetables, olives, white and yellow cheeses, coffee and tea are all yours for the asking.

This authentic Cappadocian country experience is typical of the offerings at the Kelebek Hotel and Sultan Cave Suites, and their allied services: Butterfly Balloons,Turkish Heritage Travel Agency and Seten Anatolian Cuisine Restaurant.

Note: bees love this valley, its fruit trees, and the spread laid out by your hosts. They're usually not much trouble, but if you are particularly sensitive or allergic to bee stings, ask your hosts at the Kelebek Hotel about current conditions before embarking on the valley breakfast.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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