Ziggy Café & Shop, Ürgüp

Ziggy Café & Shop opened in ÜrgüpCappadocia, in spring 2007, and immediately developed a loyal following.

Why? Ms Nuray and Mr Selim Yüksel, the owners, have the perfect formula: four terraces on ascending levels are set with tables and chairs, or low couches and pillows. Candles flicker and shine. Cool jazz plays softly in the background as the international clientele converse in half a dozen languages.

The bar is well stocked with drinks both familiar and exotic. The menu is short and simple (this is a cafe, after all, not a full restaurant) but creative, and the light lunch and supper dishes excellent.

What about fettucine with a sauce made with Kayseripastırma (spiced sun-dried beef), or a salad with marinated chicken? Then, afterwards, a plate of exquisite small “fingers” of rolled mille-feuille pastry dusted with powdered sugar. They’re just right for those times when you don’t want a big meal.

My favorite dining at Ziggy is the Turkish Meze Menu, a selection of nearly a dozen hors d’oeuvres that make a full meal.

If you’re not hungry, stop at Ziggy for a sunset cocktailafter-dinner drink, coffee, digestif or brandy.

The old Cappadocian stone house has been beautifully and artfully restored, with particularly lovely decorative stone carving (look especially for all the birds and vines).

Several fireplaces blaze with warmth and light on chilly evenings, and on those warm summer nights, the place to be is on one of the open-air terraces, enjoying the soft breezes and distant views.

Believe me, I was surprised to find such a sophisticated place outside of Istanbul, but then Nuray Hanım grew up in the great city, and has brought its refinements to Ürgüp.

The location is perfect if you’re staying in the Esbellineighborhood, which holds many of Ürgüp‘s best cave hotels. The Esbelli Evi4OdaSerinn and Yunak Evleri are all within a five- or 10-minute walk of Ziggy, and Ürgüp‘s other hotels only slightly farther.

Ziggy's Shoppe, Urgup, Cappadocia, Turkey

Here’s a bonus: Nuray Hanım is an artist who makes her own jewelry, clothing and accessories and sells them in the Shop on the ground floor. Have a look before sitting down to enjoy the rest of your time at Ziggy.

Ziggy Café & Shop
Yunak MahallesiTevfik Fikret Caddesi No. 24
Ürgüp, Nevşehir, (Cappadocia), Turkey
Tel +90 (384) 341 7107
[email protected]

—by Tom Brosnahan

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