Transport to Çatal Höyük, Turkey

Last Updated on May 7, 2019

You can visit Çatalhöyük in a day trip from Konya by public transport, or in a half day if you have your own car. The distance is about 45 km (28 miles), about a 45-minute ride.

By Car

By car, leave Konya following signs for Karaman. At the town of İçeri Çumra, turn left following signs for Çumra(CHOOM-rah) and Çatalhüyük.

The way is fairly well marked with signs, except perhaps for the last sign of all, which seems to be pointing you to continue along the right-hand side of an aqueduct, but in fact indicates a hard right turn into the site access road itself.

For the intrepid driver, there’s a short cut. Coming from Konya, just after passing through the town of Kasinhanthere’s an unmarked road on the left that goes directly to Çumra, saving you a few minutes…if you don’t take a wrong turn (there are few signs) and get lost forever in this flat countryside.

When you reach Çatalhöyük, park at the guard station. You will tour the site in the company of a guard.

By Taxi from Konya

A taxi from Konya to Çatalhöyük and return, including about an hour’s waiting time while you tour the site, costs about €30.

By Çumra Minibus & Taxi

If you’re traveling alone, you can save a bit of money (but not time) by taking one of the hourly minibuses from Konya‘s Eski Garaj minibus terminal to Çumra (1.75), and from there a taxi for the last 17 km (18 round-trip, including waiting time). The little town has few taxis, so you may find yourself waiting for one. Your total roundtrip cost will be about 21.50.

If you’re traveling with others, the minibus-and-taxi shuffle makes less sense. Two people save only 5 from the cost of an easier and faster taxi all the way from Konya; for three the cost is virtually equal; and for four people, it actually costs more to take the minibus to Çumra and then a taxi because you must pay a total of eight minibus fares.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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