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Last Updated on December 16, 2023

Konya, capital of the Seljuk Turkish Empire of Rum, city of Mevlâna Jelaleddin Rumî and the whirling dervishes, is the place to see the beautiful reminders of them all.

A half dozen beautiful old Seljuk buildings draw your attention here, foremost among them the Mevlana Museum, site of the tomb of Rumî.

Mevlana Museum

The former whirling dervish hall shelters the tomb of Jelaleddin Rumî, and draws pilgrims from around the world. More…

Selimiye Mosque

Built on orders of the Sultan Selim II in 1567, this fine mosque from the great period of Ottoman architectureseems “modern” compared to Konya‘s venerable Seljukmosques, but have a look inside anyway, as it’s right next to the Mevlana MuseumMore…

Alaettin Mosque

Set atop the ancient tumulus of Alaettin Tepesi, Konya‘s most venerable mosque (1221) is a forest of columns behind a grand portal, and shelters the tombs of many Seljuk Turkish sultans. More…

İnce Minare Medrese

Built as a theological seminary, this graceful Seljukbuilding (1267) now serves as the Museum of Wooden Artifacts and Stone Carving, but is as beautiful as ever—a must-see. More…

Great Karatay Medrese (Tile Museum)

An inspiration for the nearby İnce Minare, this slightly earlier seminary (Büyük Karatay Medresesi, 1251-52) endowed by a Seljuk grand vezir has marvelous tilework, and is in fact now a tile museum. More…

Şemsi Tebrizi Mosque & Tomb

The small mosque and cenotaph said to be that of Rumî‘s spiritual companion is an affecting place only a short stroll from the center of KonyaMore…

İplikçi Mosque

This big boxy mosque right in the center of Konya dates from the late 1100s, but was extensively restored several times. More…

Sırçalı Medrese

The “Glass Seminary” takes its name from its glazed blue tiles. It’s now a Museum of Gravestones, but it’s the wonderful building you want to see. More…

Sahip-i Ata Mosque Complex

South of the Sirçali Medrese, this was once a grand külliye. Several impressive buildings survive, and are worth a visit. The Archeological Museum is just to the west. More…

Archeological Museum

Konya‘s Arkeoloji Müzesi is worth a visit for all its exhibits, but especially the artifacts from the Neolithic site at ÇatalhöyükMore…

Mevlana Cultural Center

For years the Şeb-i Aruz commemoration ceremonies of Jelaleddin Rumî‘s death were held in Konya‘s sports hall. This wonderful new cultural center was built to be worthy of the solemn occasion, and of Rumî‘s worldwide renown. More…

Excursion to Çatalhöyük

Çatalhöyük, 45 km (28 miles) southeast of Konya, holds the remains of a Neolithic (New Stone Age) settlement believed to be among the world’s oldest human communities (9500 years old). It’s a half-day excursionwith your own vehicle, a full day by public transport. More…

Excursion to Beyşehir

This town on the eastern shore of the large Beyşehir Lake boasts one of the finest and most unusual Seljuk Turkish mosques in Anatolia, the Eşrefoğlu Camii. If you’re driving from Cappadocia or Konya to Antalya or Denizli/Pamukkale, Beyşehir is a great place to stop for tea or a lunch of lake fishMore…

The Silk Road & Sultan Han

The ancient Silk Road east from Konya to Aksaray and Cappadocia is dotted with fine old Seljuk Turkish caravanserais. You should stop and see at least one, preferably the grandest and finest, the Sultan HanMore…

—by Tom Brosnahan

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