Adıyaman, Eastern Turkey

Last Updated on April 24, 2019

Adıyaman is Turkey’s oil boom town, with all the good and bad of that “honor.”

When oil was discovered around nearby Kahta, the money flowed into Adıyaman, the provincial capital.

Now this formerly down-at-heels town has numerous mid-range hotels (to house the oilies) along Atatürk Bulvarı (the main highway through town), and an airport.

If you have your own car and like mid-range hotel comforts, you may want to make Adıyaman your base for the ascent of Nemrut Dağı.

Adıyaman (AH-duh-yah-mahn) has a good museumhousing artifacts recovered from several of the archeological sites (including Samsat/Samosata) inundated by the filling of the lake behind the Atatürk Dam.

Distances & Travel Times

Adana: 370 km (230 miles) NE, 6 hours

Diyarbakır: 200 km (124 miles) E, 3.5 hours

Erzurum: 524 km (326 miles) NE, 9 hours

Gaziantep: 149 km (93 miles) S, 2.5 hours

Istanbul: 1220 km (758 miles) NW, 18 hours

Kahramanmaraş: 164 km (102 miles) W, 2.75 hours

Kahta: 32 km (20 miles) E, 30 minutes

Kayseri: 450 km (280 miles) W, 8 hours

Malatya: 185 km (115 miles) N, 3 hours

Nemrut Dağı (Summit): 84 km (52 miles) NE, 2 hours

Şanlıurfa: 108 km (67 miles) SE, 1.5 hours

Sivas: 414 km (257 miles) N, 6.5 hours

Tatvan: 427 km (265 miles) E, 7.5 hours

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