Yerebatan Caddesi, Sultanahmet

Last Updated on July 15, 2022

The translation of Yerebatan Caddesi is not very promising: "The Avenue that Sinks Into the Ground."

Actually, the street is named for the Yerebatan Sarayı Sarnıçı (Basilia Cistern). The street starts across the street from Ayasofa (Hagia Sophia) and right in front of the cistern entrance, then proceeds westward to Cağaloğlu (jah-AHL-oh-loo) Square.

Yerebatan Caddesi has only light to moderate traffic, which makes it good for hotels, of which there are several, all different.

Souvenir, carpet and antiques shops, government offices, apartment buildings, a few restaurants and the popular Cağaloglu Hamamı Turkish bath line Yerebatan Caddesi.

For transportation to various parts of the city, it's a good place to be. The Bağcılar-Kabataş Tram passes right at the eastern end of the street, where there is a taxi stand as well.

Yerebatan Cad E, Istanbul, Turkey

Yerebatan Caddesi looking east to Ayasofya.

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