Mihrimah Sultan Mosque

Last Updated on July 12, 2022

This spectacular, very feminine mosque, designed by the great Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, is among the finest achievements of the highest period of Ottoman architecture.

Located just inside the City Walls 5 km (3 miles) northwest of Sultanahmet (map), and built from 1562 to 1565 for Princess Mihrimah SultanSüleyman the Magnificent's favorite daughter, the mosque complex included a school, theological college, hamam (Turkish bath), shops and tombs.

It was badly damaged by earthquakes in 1766 and 1894. The mosque itself was rebuilt, but most of the other buildings were not.

Inside, the floor plan is a square, topped by a huge dome supported by four arches, the tympana of which are brightened by three rows of windows.

Abundant light floods the interior and, with the rest of the decoration, gives the mosque a bright, upbeat, delicate, "feminine" ambience.

Mihrimah Camii (Mosque), Istanbul, Turkey

The Mihrimah, most feminine of mosques,restored to its former glory.v

This fine mosque is again open after having been closed for years of extensive restoration work.

It's now more beautiful than ever.

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