Istanbul Airport Lounges & Clubs

Last Updated on May 6, 2019

Istanbul‘s two airports, Atatürk Airport (IST) on the European side of the Bosphorus, and Sabiha Gökçen Airport(SAW) on the Asian side, have airport lounges/airline clubs where you can relax before your flight and enjoy a drink, a snack, newspapers and magazines, comfortable seating, free Wifi and, in some, even shower facilities.

Nomenclature: VİP (Very Important Person/People) designates important government officers and celebrities, Turkish and foreign, whereas CİP (Commercially Important Person/People) designates people important to the airlines: Business Class and First Class flyers and others paying the higher range of airline fares. (You and I use the CİP lounges.)

Atatürk Airport
International Terminal

The several lounges in Atatürk Airport‘s International Terminal, associated with different airlines, banks, credit cards, and air travel programs, are beyond passport control, so you must go through passport control to get to them. They’re located above the food court.

Also above the often-crowded, noisy food court is a better, more sedate restaurant open to all.

If you are an airline club or lounge member, ask the check-in agent which lounge(s) you may have access to. Otherwise you’ll find yourself bouncing from one to another until you find the one for you.

TAV Prime Class Lounge

TAV is the company that operates Atatürk Airport. If you’re a Prime Pack guest or Priority Pass Card holder, or related to one of the banks or organizations associated with the lounge, you’ll be admitted 24/7.

Otherwise, you can enter upon payment (by credit card only ) of a fee of EUR40. Considering the comforts offered, this is a bargain: Wifi, newspapers, food, hot and cold drinks (including alcoholic beverages) are included in the fee, as is relative peace and quiet.

Millennium Lounge

İş Bankası customers are admitted as well s those flying certin airlines . If you are eligible, you should be provided with a lounge pass at check-in. The lounge is open 24/7.

HSBC Advantage Lounge

This one is for HSBC Card holders, open 24/7.

British Airways Terraces Lounge

British Airways, Iberia and Qatar Airways “Business Class” passengers are admitted here, open from 06:30am to 18:30 (6:30pm).

Atatürk Airport
Domestic Terminal

The TAV PrimeClass Lounge, open 24/7, charges an admission fee (no cash; credit card only). The lounge is located in the gate area beyond the final security check, upstairs (follow the signs).

The Wings PrimeClass Lounge, open 24/7, admits AkBankcustomers for free. The lounge is located in the gate area beyond the final security check, upstairs (follow the signs).

Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Wings Lounges

There are Wings Lounges in both the Domestic (Door 205) and International (Door 203) terminals for Wings, AkBank, Axcess and Citi Card holders.

LGM CİP Lounge

Certain airlines and banks have agreements with these Domestic and International lounges for its use by their passengers/customers. If you are neither, you may enter upon payment of a fee of TL30 (Domestic) or TL40 (International).

Turkish Airlines CİP Lounges

Turkish Airlines passengers who are THY Miles & Smiles members with Elite or greater privileges may use the İSG Genel Havacılık Terminali İç Hat CIP Salonu (domestic flights) and the International Terminal CİP Lounge.

ClubFinans Lounge

In the Domestic Terminal, holders of various ClubFinans cards may use this lounge.

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