Peron 100-102, Istanbul Otogar

Last Updated on April 18, 2019

The Has (‘HAHSS’) company, operating from Offices 100 to 102 at Istanbul‘s Büyük Otogar (main bus terminal), runs buses from Istanbul to many points in southern and southeastern Turkey, including Adana, Ankara, Antakya, Erdemli, Imamoglu, Iskenderun, Kadirli, Karaman, Kizkalesi, Konya, Kozan, Mersin, Mut, Silifke, Tarsus and Tasucu (for ferries to northern Cyprus).

Has also runs buses from Istanbul to Bulgaria (Plovdiv and Sofia) in conjunction with the Bulgarian company Air Kona, which runs buses to Florence (Firenze) in Italy; to Saudi Arabia; and to Russia.

Telephone Has toll-free in Turkey on 444 0631.

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