More Good Hotels in Sirkeci

Last Updated on May 16, 2019

If you didn’t find the room you wanted at the Sirkeci Group hotels, here are other good hotels in the Sirkeci neighborhood to try.

I looked at all of these hotels and chose them from the hundred hotels in this neighborhood because of their locations, relative lack of noise, range of prices, and the recommendations of other travelers. I can’t guarantee that every room in every hotel will be quiet or perfect, but you should have a better chance with these than with some others in this district.

The large (60-room), pretty impressive Hotel Safir (or Sapphire), fronts on İbni Kemal Caddesi, a mostly pedestrian street populated largely by hotels and restaurants, some with sidewalk tables (like the fine Paşazade Restaurant opposite the Safir.) There’s no traffic to speak of on İbni Kemal, just a few deliveries, and the diners are usually not noisy. More…

The 12-room Elanaz Hotel, Orhaniye Caddesi 34, on the north side of Muradiye-Hüdavendigar Caddesi near the wall of Sirkeci Station, is a small modern place in a convenient location that should be fairly quiet. More…

The 42-room Sultania Hotel, Mehmet Murat Sokak 4 across the street from the Hotel Erboy, is modern, fairly fancy, and in a quiet, convenient location with lots of restaurants right around the corner on İbni Kemal Caddesi. More…

The 10-room Tayahatun Hotel, Tayahatun Sokak 13, is a modest little place in what should be a supremely quiet location. Don’t expect 4-star accommodations here. Look for good prices. More…

The simple, budget 10-room Best Town Hotel, Nöbethane Sokak 34, is surrounded by larger, more expensive hotels and on a street where vehicles pass serving the hotels (taxis, deliveries, etc.) but offers a convenient location at budget prices. More…

The large 84-room Hotel Yaşmak Sultan, Ebusuud Caddesi 18-20, was among the first 4-star hotels opened in the Sirkeci neighborhood some decades ago. It still a good place to stay, although rooms on the Ebusuud side of the hotel may notice traffic noise. Ask for a room on the Erdoğan Sokak side. More…

—by Tom Brosnahan

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