Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli

Last Updated on May 6, 2019

Lone Pine Cemetery marks the site of a fierce battlebetween Australian and Ottoman forces fought from 6 to 10 August 1915 during the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I.

Lone Pine is reached by the one-way loop road (map) from the Çanakkale Epic Presentation Center at KabatepeMore…

Named for the single pine tree that marked the spot, the position was initially taken by ANZAC forces despite ferocious Ottoman defense and counter-attacks.

According to Lieutenant-Colonel Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk), the fighting was “of a ferocity that can scarcely be described.”

Thousands of soldiers of both armies were killed or wounded here before the contending forces dug in to positions that remained little changed for the remainder of the campaign.

Tombstone at Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey

Today Lone Pine is a peaceful place, its simple, dignified monument and immaculately-kept cemetery visited daily by those recalling the terrible events of the war.

The most touching sights here are the inscriptions on the tombstones and—even more—the tender age of the fallen, some as young as 18 or 19 years old.

—by Tom Brosnahan


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