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Last Updated on May 7, 2019


The most famous of the area’s beaches is Cleopatra Beach on Cedar Island (Sedir Adası), reached by boat from the mainland north of Marmaris. In fact, the best beaches are all a drive or—better—a boat cruise away from the town.

Water Sports

Lots of them: snorkeling, SCUBA diving, sailboarding, thrill rides and more. Walk along the harbor, talk to the day-cruise yacht captains, and decide what you like.

Jeep Safari

More properly called Land Rover expeditions, these raucous rides are for rough-and-ready-for-anything youth, involving on-road and off-road drives on the Bozburun Peninsula, water-gun battles between vehicles, mudslinging, a stop at the Turgut Şelalesi waterfall, and Turkish Romeo guides putting pressure on the ladies. If you’re all for it, go for it, but know what you’re getting into, and wear old clothes.

Marmaris Museum

Marmaris’s small hilltop fortress has been restored and made into an excellent small museum, with finely done historical and archeological exhibits, and panoramic views of the town and the bay from its crenellated walls and towers. For an hour or so of culture in leisure-crazy Marmaris, this is the place to go. More…

Boat Tours/ Harbor Cruises

Day-cruise boats line the waterfront. Stroll along a day or two before you wish to cruise, look at the signboards, maps and vessels, talk with the captains, and find your preference: youthful and lively, older and sedate, diving and snorkeling, private charter.

Horseback Riding

On the Bozburun Peninsula are several stables providing mounts for short treks along trails into the hills.

Excursions from Marmaris

Marmaris can be your base for visiting sites near and far: villages on the nearby Reşadiye Peninsula and Bozburun Peninsula, and sites farther afield: Dalyanand CaunosSaklıkent Gorge and its waterfalls; Fethiye, its bay and islands; Pamukkale and its calcium travertines. Any of these recommended travel agenciescan set up your tours for you. More…

—by Tom Brosnahan

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