Greek Islands to Visit from Turkey

Last Updated on October 4, 2022

Are you dreaming of visiting more than one destination on the same trip? Check out some of Greece’s exquisite islands along the Turkish coast. From the popular island of Rhodes to the lesser-known Chios, Greece has over 200 islands all along the Aegean Sea, spanning from the Balkans all the way to Turkey.


Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek Islands after Mykonos and Santorini, that travelers like to visit. It’s easily accessible from Fethiye and Marmaris via ferry and takes approximately one hour to an hour and a half, depending on where you’re coming from. Rhodes is a great island for history and beach lovers alike. It’s home to several historical attractions including the Medieval City of Rhodes, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights, Acropolis of Rhodes, and Saint Athanasios Gate. Additionally, popular beaches include Elli beach and Tsambika beach. If you choose to stay in Rhodes for a few days before returning back to Turkey, check out Symi island pronounced (SEE-ME). This island is known for their pastel-hued buildings that line up all along the Aegean Sea.  


Only 30 minutes away from Bodrum via ferry brings you to the gorgeous island of Kos. Kos is known for their pristine sandy and pebble beaches including Agios Stefanos beach, Paradise beach, and Magic Beach. Furthermore, the famous Therma Beach lies here, known for their healing thermal springs with sulfur. Kos is easily accessible and a great day trip to take from Bodrum with the least amount of travel time required. 


Samos is a small island off the coast of Kuşadası, known for their picturesque beaches. The biggest attractions Samos has to offer travelers are Potami beach, Livadaki beach, Tsamadou beach, and the Blue Street. What makes the Blue Street so special is that it mimics the white-washed architecture found in Mykonos, yet with vivid hues of blue throughout the area. This is a very instagrammable spot to take pictures and explore in Samos. From Kuşadası, there’s a ferry that travels just under two hours to this quintessential Greek island. 


Chios, pronounced (HEE-OS) is the 5th largest Greek island, located only 35 minutes by ferry away from the beautiful Turkish resort town of Çesme. Don’t miss the chance to explore the village of Pyrgi, also known as the “hand-painted village” which is south of Chios. It’s where unique motifs decorate the architecture of these narrow streets. This is the perfect area for architecture lovers to explore and capture these distinctive features.

Besides Pyrgi, there are also several other attractions such as Mavra Volia beach, Agia Dynami beach, Castle of Chios, and Chios Mastic Museum. Mavra Volia is very different from your typical sand or pebbled beach. It’s a place made from black volcanic stones, giving it a fascinating contrast between deep blue water and black volcanic pebbles. They come from the inactive volcano Psaronas

 Overall, these are some of the Greek islands you can visit by taking a ferry from Turkey’s coastline.  While these places offer a multitude of beaches, they also offer something different for travelers looking to explore besides visiting the beach. This is a great way to visit two different countries on the same vacation and get a variety of places to see. To book tickets or find more information, contact Anker Travel.

-by Sonia Anand

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