Turkish Private Tour Guides List

Plan ahead! The best guides' schedules such as the ones below may fill up well in advance, so reserve your private tour guide as early as possible in order to get the guide you want.

Please also note that guides are not travel agents, and are not licensed to make reservations or other travel agency services such as hotel bookings. Click on a photo, or scroll down for short introductions:

Ms Gamze Artaman

Gamze ArtamanMs Artaman (GAHM-zeh AR-tah-mahn), who speaks fluent English, has 30 years' experience guiding cultural, architectural, shopping and off-the-beaten-track tours in IstanbulEphesusPamukkale and CappadociaMore...

Mr Erkut Aldeniz

Erkut Aldeniz, Private Guide, TurkeyWith a university degree in American Studies as well as certifications as a Professional Guide, Master Scuba Diver, Emergency First Responder and accomplished chef, Erkut Bey is a treasury of information about Turkey, its history, nature and cuisine. More...

Mr Fatih K Copuroğlu

Fatih K Copuroğlu, Private GuideBorn in Istanbul, Fatih Bey is qualified and experienced to guide anywhere in Turkey, though he specializes in Istanbul. He has guided such luminaries as Bill Gates, John Galliano, Ivanka Trump and Paul Martin through his home city. More...

Mr Mahir Birecikligil

Mahir BirecikligilAfter five years' study in London, Mahir Bey returned to Turkey to guide visitors, many of them diplomats and celebrities. He speaks English, Russian and Turkish. More...

Mr Mehmet Tetik

Mehmet Tetik, Licensed Guide, Istanbul, TurkeyMehmet Tetik (teh-TEEK) has been to 75 provinces in Turkey, and specialises in Istanbul (Old CityGalata, and the islands). More...


Mr Yavuz Özdeniz

Yavuz OzdenizHelping visitors create the perfect vacation has been Yavuz Bey's privilege for 23 years, especially if you're looking for Jewish heritage tours, Byzantine sites, World War I battlefields, bird watching or shopping. More...

Mr Hakan Kocatürk

Hakan KocaturkBetter known as the owner of Istanbul's Apricot Hotel, Hakan Kocatürk (KOH-jah-tewrk) has many years guiding experience throughout Turkey, as well as important connections among leaders in Turkey's tourist industry. More...



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