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Last Updated on April 24, 2019

(Note: professional guides provide their services for a fee. Although they welcome inquiries about scheduling and availability of their services, they expect to be paid when they provide tourism information. You may be asked to arrange payment before questions are answered. Also, if you reserve a guide’s time in advance, you may be asked to arrange credit card payment at the time of reservation, just as for a hotel room, rental car, or flight. Please note that guides are not travel agents, and are not licensed to make reservations or other travel agency services.—Tom Brosnahan)

“I’m Kenan Jay Tamer. I’d love to show you all there is to see in Turkey.

“I believe that I know what visitors—especially American visitors—to Turkey want to see, because I was a foreign visitor in the USA myself. After graduating from Robert College, the renowned American high school in Istanbul, I traveled to Rome, Georgia, where I attendedBerry College and obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Business.During my senior year at Berry, I was a Georgia Rotary Student program Scholarship recipient.

“I continued my visit and my education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where I earned a Master of Science degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Travel Administration. I was a teaching assistant in that program.

“Some Americans who meet me are surprised that I have a normal American accent in English. They say they can’t tell me from an American. Well, after 14 years in American schools, perhaps it’s not surprising!

“I speak some French and German also, and I’ve guided travelers in several parts of the world, including Turkish government officials. In Turkey, I’ve had the honor of guiding heads of state and showing them the beauties of my country.

“When I’m not traveling, I enjoy scuba diving, skiing, archeology, opera and good food!

“I look forward to guiding you in Istanbul and indeed anywhere in Turkey. Please send me a message (kenantamer@yahoo.com) to begin our planning.” —Kenan Jay Tamer

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