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Last Updated on February 13, 2022


Who is Turkey Travel Planner?

Turkey Travel Planner is the leading website for travel recommendations and online trip planning in Turkey. With over 2 million  annual visitors, we pride ourselves in succesfully providing global travelers with key information, recommendations and local tips for their stay. Partnering with Turkey's best vendors in a variety of sectors (transportation,  lodging, activities, tours, and so much more), we take joy in creating mutually beneficial content both written and visual to show travelers the true excellence of each partner we have reviewed and accepted.

Why intern with us?

Like the ancient practice of Turkish ceramics, we believe that work, in its best form requires both skill and passion. At Turkey Travel Planner the foundation of our internship program is real-life experience. Wether you are planning on working in the travel sector, in marketing, SEO, videography or more, we are committed to creating an experience where you can refine both your skills and passions. The core pillars of our program are:

  1. Experience - Get into the field in a hands-on way, learn new and relevant skills while earning a valuable understanding of your own craft from the inside out.
  2. Mentorship - Work one on one with those already in the field. Get practical and honest feedback on your work and learn from witnessing others a few steps farther down the path.
  3. Community & Culture - We don't just do this for the views.. though we do get millions annually. Our CEO and staff have all experienced (and many have grown up) in this beautiful country of Turkey. A portion of your internship experience will be dedicated to working with crosscultural equipping to understand how to do global business and understand more of Turkey and its beautiful culture.



What positions are available and what would I do?

Writing & SEO Internships 

  • Travel Writing Intern : Turkey Travel Planner is looking for Travel Writer Interns in 2022 to join our team in Turkey. This persons will be responsible for covering several beats, from historical sites throughout the country to local foodie insights to just about any travel tip imaginable. You’ll leverage our partnership contacts in the ground for scoops and exclusive news; write trends features; and collaborate with others on special projects.

CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS >> TTP Intern Package_compressed

  • SEO Intern : Analyze pages and help brainstorm important shifts to maintain and build rankings- follow an average of 5 important pages weekly analyzing increases in traffic etc. Ideal candidate has a background in SEO or is highly motivated to learn. Is able to optimize keywords and help other interns become more SEO friendly in their own field.


  • Cutting edge learning on SEO and WordPress
  • For creatives a trainule on digital communication 
  • Crash course Trainule on Turkish Culture
  • Weekly meetings as a group
  • Bi weekly meeting with assigned supervisor to assess progress
  • Real life experience with Turkey’s #1 Travel Website 
  • Increase potential for long term TTP employment.

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