Presidential Library, Ankara

Last Updated on February 4, 2024


The Presidential Library, being the biggest library of Turkey, opened its doors to visitors in 2015. Since then it has been serving millions of students and locals. The interior design and architecture of the library is eye-catching. Being 125,000 m2 large, the library has a seating capacity of 5,500 people. Open 24/7, this library is open to visitors from all around the world, but only those who have Turkish Residency can make use of the library facilities. 


What’s Inside

More than 4 million books are available in the library. The inside of the library is endowed with old Seljuk, Ottoman, and contemporary motifs, which serve as a nice mixture of the old and the new world. White and green marble is used as well in the construction of the library, which is one of the most eye-catching aspects of the structure. 

The library shelves have a length of  201 km (124 miles) in total, which is incredible. Apart from the 4 million printed books, there is also a total of 210 million electronic-based sources available for the visitors. A great number of valuable scientists and cultural people, from the most known politicians, artists, academicians, etc. contributed to this library by donating their own books and sources.


Library Sections

This giant library is made up of different sections, some of them are:

  • Cihannüma Saloon is the most popular hall of 6 floors,  with a 224 seating capacity. 
  • Nadir Eserler Kütüphanesi (Rare Artifacts Library) is one of the most precious sections where unique books gathered from all around the world are being held. 
  • Nasreddin Hoca Children's Library, having a 197-seating capacity, this section of the library is specially designed for children. It has a total of 25,000 children's books.
  • Research Library, this section of the library is only available for use by doctoral students, academicians and MEB teachers. 
  • Reading Room, in this section of the library are 32 group work rooms and 8 resting rooms, along with a collection of 300,000 books.
  • Youth Library, attributed to youth between the age of 10-15, this section of the library has also personal study rooms and a collection of 12,000 books.  

Other Facilities

Apart from all the different sections of the library it also serves visitors with various facilities, such as photocopy machines, free WiFi, lockers, wheelchair service, a praying room, and a dining hall. The dining hall serves free soup at noon between 12- 2 pm and in the evening between 6 pm - 8 pm. At night between 12 am - and 8 am they serve free cake to the library visitors. Other warm meals and drinks can also be ordered, or visitors can bring their own food and consume them in the dining halls.

Who Can Visit?

Open to everybody from all around the world, the Library has strict rules and is highly secure. If you are a Turkish citizen or have a Turkish residency you can enter by scanning your ID at the security guard. If you are a tourist and have no Turkish residency, make sure to bring your passport with you. In exchange for your passport, you will be given a visitor card with which you will be able to enter the library.  

by Julide Koca

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