Republic Day of Turkey

Last Updated on October 6, 2023

Republic Day is one of the most important holidays in Turkey. Significant events and celebrations are held to celebrate this patriotic day, which holds a special place in the Turkish people's hearts.

Republic Day is celebrated on October 29th every year. On this date (October 29th, 1923), the founder and father of modern Turkey, Atatürk, announced the country as a republic replacing the constitution of the Ottoman Empire and becoming the nation's first president.

How is Republic Day Celebrated in Turkey? 

Republic Day is a national holiday in Turkey. That means governmental offices are closed on October 29th and the afternoon of October 28th. Especially on October 29th, people gather to watch patriotic shows and displays. These celebrations are generally held outdoors, followed by traditional dances, poetry, concerts, speeches, etc.

Republic Day is the most significant holiday in Turkey. Streets are decorated with Turkish flags and Atatürk's portraits. Moreover, many people visit Atatürk memorials and Atatürk's mausoleum in Ankara to pay respect.

It is worth to note Transportation can be affected because most shows are held outdoors and on the streets of popular destinations. So, double-check how to reach the destination you want to visit on this day.

History of Republic Day

Allied Powers occupied the Ottoman Empire (former Turkey) for years, which was the reason for the War of Independence (1919-1923). However, the Ottoman Empire didn't resist these occupations. As a result, during the war, the unofficial Grand National Assembly of Turkey formed in Ankara (1920) and commenced a nationwide resistance movement.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was the leader of the resistance movement and newly constituted Turkey, and Ankara was the unofficial capital. The Grand National Assembly was recognized internationally after the Treaty of Lausanne (July 24, 1923). On October 29th, 1923, the newly recognized Turkish parliament officially declared Turkey a republic, and Atatürk became the country's first president.

After Atatürk and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey declared the country a republic, the state improved significantly in a short time. There was a wide range of reforms in all aspects of Turkey, and Atatürk transformed the whole country into a new and modern nation.

Republic Day Dates in Turkey

October 29th, 2023, will mark Turkey's 100-year commemoration after being declared Türkiye Cumhuriyeti (Republic of Turkey). This signifies great importance to the Turkish people, meaning significant celebrations will be held nationwide. Here are the following days and dates of Republic Day in Turkey.

Year Date Day

2023 October 29 Sunday

2024 October 29 Tuesday

2025 October 29 Wednesday

2026 October 29 Thursday

2027 October 29 Friday

2028 October 29 Sunday

Experience One of the Most Important Holidays in Turkey!

Republic Day is the most significant event in Turkey's history, making it the most important holiday for the Turkish people. It is a day of celebration and companionship.

Many national and patriotic celebrations occur on this significant day, visited by people worldwide. Travelers are always welcome to enjoy and experience this vibrant day. As always, remember to enjoy the shows and show consideration to the founder of Turkey!

  — by Can Turan


Is Republic Day a public holiday?

Yes. Republic Day is an official holiday in Turkey. This means governmental offices will be closed on October 29th and the afternoon of October 28th.

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