The Winter Thief, by Jenny White

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“January 1888. Vera Arti carries The Communist Manifesto in Armenian through Istanbul’s streets, unaware of the men following her.

“When the police discover a shipload of guns and the Imperial Ottoman Bank is blown up, suspicion falls on a socialist commune Arti’s friends organized in the eastern mountains.

“Special Prosecutor Kamil Pasha is called in to investigate. He soon encounters his most ruthless adversary to date: Vahid, head of a special branch of the secret police, who has convinced the sultan that the commune is leading a secessionist movement and should be destroyed—along with surrounding villages.

“Kamil must stop the massacre, but he finds himself on the wrong side of the law, framed for murder and accused of treason, his family and the woman he loves threatened.”

The Winter Thief, by Jenny White
New York & London: W W Norton & Company, 2010
Hardbound: ISBN 978-0-393-07017-0, 384 pages, US$24.95.

See also The Abyssinian Proof and The Sultan’s Sealby Jenny White.

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