2004 Olympics (Athens)

Last Updated on April 25, 2019

It’s appropriate that the 2004 Olympic Games (August 11-29) should have been held in Athens,though Istanbul was disappointed it did not get to host them.

Much of HellenicHellenistic and Byzantinehistory and culture is based in what is now Turkey:

Troy, legendary city of Helen, and the Trojan horse

Constantinople, now Istanbulcapital of the civilized world for a thousand years and still the seat of the Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarch

Aphrodisias, city of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love

—Didyma, its famous oracle housed in a gigantic marble temple

—Smyrna (Izmir), birthplace (700 BC) of the poet Homer, founder of Western literature

—The ancient kingdoms of LyciaLydiaCariaHalicarnassosPamphyliaPaphlagonia,Pergamon

—Jason & the Argonauts sailed along Turkey’s Black Sea coast to Colchis and the Golden Fleece

Actually, there are more Greek and Roman ruins in Turkey than in Greece!

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