Other Jewish Sites in Turkey

Last Updated on April 25, 2019

The major sites of Jewish interest in Turkey are in IstanbulBursaIzmir and Sardis, but other sites of minor interest are found in many other Turkish towns.

On the outskirts of Manisa, near Izmir, is the Moris Sinasi Çocuk Hastahanesi, or Moris Sinasi Children’s Hospital. The hospital’s founder, Moris Sinasi, was born in Manisa in 1855, and left for Alexandria, Egypt in 1870 to seek his fortune. Taking a job with a tobacco exporting firm, he prospered, and went on to the United States in 1890, where his prosperity increased. He returned to the Ottoman Empire in 1903 to marry a lady from Salonica. Moris Sinasi died in 1929. Three years later, his wife traveled to Manisa to establish the hospital which bears his name, and which was his gift to his native city.

To find the hospital, take the Izmir-Manisa road and look for signs on the right as you approach the outskirts of Manisa.

Several other Turkish cities and towns have historic synagogues which are open for worship. In Ankara, the Samanpazari district has a historic synagogue which is due for restoration.

In Çanakkale, there was a small Jewish community until quite recently, and one may still see some building inscriptions and other signs of Jewish life.

Edirne once had a very large and prosperous Jewish community; now dwindled to only a few families. The Great Synagogue is in ruins, but slated for restoration.

Bergama had a Jewish community of longstanding and great importance, but today almost nothing remains of their buildings.

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