Turkish Gulet Yachts-Full Charter

The very best Turkish gulet yacht cruise is when you assemble a congenial group of family and/or friends and charter an entire yacht for a cruise of a few days or a week.

Your group can be as small as four people, or as large as 18. Turkey has a surprisingly large number of yachts available for charter in all sizes, from small yachts suitable for one or two couples, and fairly large yachts with only four cabins, to quite large yachts capable of sleeping 18 voyagers in comfort.

The cost per-person is surprisingly affordable, especially in the earlier and later months of the season.

I must warn you that Turkish yacht charter cruising is a very popular vacation (for good reason!), and in many years the best gulets are reserved and fully booked several months in advance.

You should start your enquiries about yacht chaters in January or February in order to assure that you’ll be able to get the sort of yacht you want, for the dates you want, at the price you want.

During the high-season months of JuneJuly,August and September, all of the best yachts are chartered for at least a full week (or two). Few good-quality boats will normally agree to accept a charter of three or four nights during high season.

Short (3- or 4-night) charters are possiblein May, October, and November, but you must arrange your charter well in advance in order to get the exact dates that you want, on the yacht that you want.

To arrange your full yacht charter, contact Southern Cross Blue Cruising filling out a form on this page gives you access to quotes from multiple top options for charters.

—Tom Brosnahan

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