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Last Updated on April 24, 2019

Mr Ahmet Diler of Kirkit Voyages has been in the travel industry for most of his life.

He and his wife Tovi set up Kirkit Voyages(that’s keer-KEET) to assist French travelers visiting Turkey several decades ago, and it has now grown into a full-service agency for all—though French travelers are especially welcome.

By the way, the Kirkit headquarters in Istanbulholds surprises. A typical Istanbul townhouse on the outside, it is set atop part of the Great Palace of Constantinople. When the building was renovated, construction crews discovered surprising Byzantine mosaics beneath the basement floor, and even an ayazma (sacred spring).

Of course these priceless 1000-year-old relicshave been preserved. The basement has been converted to an art gallery with changing exhibits. Remember to visit it when you stop in at Kirkit.

When you contact Kirkit Voyages, be sure to mention TTP. Here’s why.

Kirkit Voyages Travel Agency
Mimar Mehmet Aga CaddesiAmiral Tafdil SokakNo. 12, 34400 SultanahmetIstanbul, Turkey
Tel +90 (212) 518 2282
Fax +90 (212) 518 2281

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