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Last Updated on May 2, 2019

Opodo is an airline reservations system that may help you to find a cheap airfare to Istanbul and other major airports in Turkey.

A leading non-profit consumer affairs and testing organization in the USA checked British and American airfare websites and found that had the lowest fares in 59 out of 100 fare checks.

These fares are for United Kingdom residents only, however.

checks fares on 400 airlines, not just the nine that own it. Fares are given in GBP (Great Britain Pounds, pounds sterling, UK£).

My advice is to check your fares on , but don’t neglect to check other services on the TTP Cheap Airfares page.

59 out of 100 means that 41 times, some other reservation site had a lower fare.

But…y’know, don’t spend forever on it. After awhile the savings diminish and you’re liable to spend £100 worth of your time for a £20 saving. It’s like buying a Turkish carpetget a price you can live with, then don’t worry about it.

Give yourself a break. Maybe there is a bit more saving out there, but it’s not worth the effort to find so small an amount.

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