Defensive Driving in Turkey

Last Updated on May 2, 2019

You know most of this, but a reminder never hurts—and an accident always does.

— Always wear safety belts.

— Children should ride in the back seat with safety belts on and/or in a child safety seat.

— Drive defensively, defensively, defensively.

— Dusk is a particularly dangerous time on intercity highways because some drivers delay turning on their headlights until after dark. Oncoming traffic can be very difficult to see.

— Situational awareness is imperative.

— Use the horn to get pedestrians’ attention.

— Use horn and lights to get the attention of other drivers.

— Pay attention when other drivers use their horns.

— Check all mirrors and use directional signals for lane changes.

Don’t be impatient…

— Check right side mirror in particular.

— Confirm with direct visual check. Do not rely solely on mirrors.

— Use four-way flashers to warn drivers behind of slowed/blocked traffic to avoid being hit from behind.

— Drive defensively! This is not a catch phrase to be taken lightly.

— Expect the unexpected.

— Drive each day as though you were on a mission: the goal of which is not to be involved in an accident, cause an accident or strike a pedestrian.

— Watch out for trucks and buses that take the right-of-way without signaling, whether they are entitled to it or not.

— Make sure your lights, signals, horn and brakes are in proper order.

— During rain and snowstorms, drivers must be extremely attentive and situationally aware. Accidents increase dramatically during storms and particularly at night.

— Assume nothing! Make no assumptions about what another driver may do or how they will react in a situation. Do not assume that they have seen your vehicle or will do the “right” thing, or that you have the right of way.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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