Istanbul-Odessa Ferry Boats

Last Updated on August 13, 2022

The UKR Ferry Shipping Company used to operate weekly car-and-passenger ferries between Istanbul, Turkey and Odessa, Ukraine, departing Istanbul on Tuesday night, and Odessa on Saturday evening.

Unfortunately, this service has been stopped according to this notice on the UKR Ferry website.

When it was running, the-way fares ranged from US$150 per person in the cheapest four-bed cabin to US$700 for a single person occupying the best cabin, complete with private bath. For two people, a 1st-class cabin cost US$250 per person; a 2nd-class cabin US$190 per person. In summer, 50 sleeping places on deck were sold for lower fares. Fares included all port taxes and three meals.

The UKRFerry ship Caledonia at the Yolcu Salonu passenger dock in KaraköyIstanbul.

The ferry could carry up to 50 cars as well.

The ferry departed Istanbul on Tuesday at midnight (24:00), and arrived in Odessa the following Thursday at noon (12:00). It departed Odessa on Saturday at 18:00 (6 pm) and arrived in Istanbul on Monday at 09:00 am.

Round-trip/return passengers could use the ship as lodgings while in port in Istanbul or Odessa, and in fact this lodging was included in the round-trip/return rate, three meals included.

Another UKR Ferry traveled between Derince, Turkey, and Ilyichevsk, Ukraine. This was an industrial ferry carrying trucks, railway cars and containers. More...

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