Turkish Train Baggage Lockers

Last Updated on May 2, 2019

Turkish State Railways (TCDD) has done away with left luggage/baggage checkrooms in all their stations, but in several major stations they have installed bright yellow baggage lockers (Bagaj Emanet Dolapları, bah-GAZH eh-mah-NEHT doh-lahp-lah-ruh).

The Ankara Gar has lockers.

Here’s a translation of the instructions:


1. Look for a locker with a GREEN indicator and place your baggage in it. Be sure it fits completely in the locker. Close the door and keep it closed until the indicator turns from GREEN to RED.

2. Go to the payment point and check the number of your locker on the display screen. Choose the length of time you would like to use the locker, and make your payment. Note the amounts to be paid in case you leave your baggage beyond the maximum time.

3. Take your receipt ticket and check the information on it. Put it in a safe place. Do not fold, crumple or wet your ticket, or you may be subject to a fine.


1. Insert your ticket into the ticket reader at the payment point according to the arrow indicator on the ticket. Check the information on the display. Follow the instructions on the display.

2. When the locker indicator changes from RED to GREEN the door of your locker will unlock automatically. Please be sure to remove all of your baggage.

…and then the message in red below reads:


Insert your ticket into the reader and then withdraw it so that it does not get caught in the reader. Don’t leave your ticket in the reader for long!

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