Bosphorus Sunset Cruise

Last Updated on February 1, 2021

Bosphorus Sunset 2.5 Hour Yacht Cruise

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History Travel Bosphorus Tours

A man of character and a true Turkish entrepreneur, Mr. Serdar Cengiz started History Travel Bosphorus Tours 15 years ago with two of his friends while in college. The group knew that the Bosphorus Strait deserved to have better quality options for visitors. So they started developing  an affordable experience on a modern yacht at sunset to show off the beauty and history of Istanbul.

The tours are not overcrowded, allowing for a much more enjoyable experience than many other cruise tours available. They also all feature an interactive guide to explain the history and sights along the Bosphorus, as well as exceptional service and staff.

Mr. Cengiz said they started the sunset tours so people could see the Bospherous in the daylight, sunset, and at night – a beautiful transition.


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