Covid-19 Updates in Turkey

Last Updated on January 7, 2023

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of January 2023

All restrictions have been lifted. There is no quarantine upon entry, nor proof of vaccination required. Masks are not required in public or on public transportation.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of April 29, 2021

As cases have continued to rise in Turkey, the government has taken some strict measures to try to curb the spread of the virus. Starting on April 29 at 7 pm and ending on May 17 there will be a full lockdown for all citizens and those holding residence permits. Grocery stores will be open from 10am until 5pm, but all other places such as restaurants and cafes are available for delivery only.

Turkey is still open for tourists, and hotels continue to stay open as well. After May 17, everything is said to begin to open again to get ready for the tourism season.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of March 29, 2021

As case numbers have dropped and the tourism season is upon us, the government has loosened a lot of the restrictions. Here is what you need to know:

Travelers entering Turkey will be required to show a negative PCR test.

Restaurants, cafes and other public places are allowed to open from 7 am until 7pm.

Malls are open from 10 am till 8 pm.

Sundays are restricted for all locals, but tourists are allowed to go out (please take your passports with you!)

Resorts and hotels are open, and are required to follow Covid safety rules such as checking temperatures, sanitizing frequently, and wearing masks.

You are required to have a HES code to enter many public places. Here is a step by step guide on how to get one.

If you are looking for Covid safe vacation options, this is our top recommended option.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of January 19, 2021

As cases have begun to drop throughout Turkey, the government is now requiring that you have a Negative PCR (Covid-19) Test in order to enter the country. 

All the restrictions listed below are still in effect.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of December 1, 2020

Quite a few new restrictions have been put into place as cases have risen across the country, with 40% of them said to be in Istanbul. The new restrictions are as follows:

  • There will be a curfew on weekdays between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. across the country. 
  • Weekend curfews will be from Friday at 9 p.m. until 5 a.m. on Monday. During this time you are allowed to go to the market between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm. 
  • Markets and butchers will still be able to make deliveries on the weekends.
  • Restaurants and coffee shops are closed but will still be delivering 
  • Those who are 65 and older, or 20 and younger will not be allowed to use public transport and have specific time slots for when they are allowed to go outside. 
  • Pre-schools and similar educational facilities will be shut down until further notice.
  • The number of people participating in weddings or funerals is limited to 30.
  • Hamams, saunas, massage parlors, swimming pools, and luna parks will be closed.
  • From now on, HES codes will be asked of visitors (tourists not included) when entering shopping malls.
  • The dept of public health will be limiting the number of people on crowded streets and public squares.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of November 17, 2020

Nation-wide you are required to wear a mask in all public places, including open air areas such as streets, parks, beaches etc. However, once you are seated, such as at a cafe, or on the beach, you can take off your mask. Just remember to put it back on once you leave. 

All public areas have enforced social distancing rules, including limiting the number of people that can sit at a table, and lowering the occupancy allowance. Hand sanitizer is available at all public establishments, and most restaurants and cafes will have masks available if you forget yours. There is a weekend curfew from 8:00 pm until 10:00 am and applies to all ages. During the week, citizens above 65 can go out between 10:00 am and 1:00pm and those 20 and younger are allowed out from 1:00pm to 4:00 pm.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of May - October 2020

All across the world Covid-19 cases have been rising and falling and rising again as every country tries new approaches in trying to keep its citizens and visitors safe. Turkey has taken a number of preventive and proactive measures such as nation wide 2-4 day lockdowns, canceling flights, quarantining citizens and visitors who have come from out of the country, and even fining people for not wearing masks. At one point all restaurants, bars, malls, gyms, beauty salons, coffee shops, and even beaches, parks, and national forests were required to be closed to the public to curb the spread of Covid-19. During the months of August- October things began to open up a lot more to allow tourists back into the country.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of March 29, 2020

As of today, the number of postive coronavirus cases in Turkey excees 9,200, with 131 deaths. Experts say that the number is cases in Turkey may peak in the next 2 weeks, advising people to continue to stay inside and continue to practice social distancing. Additionally, many of the Turkish citizens who were quarentined upon return from international travel are reaching the end of their quarentine. COVID-19 in Turkey is expected to continue to get worse before it gets better.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of March 23, 2020

The coronavirus in Turkey is spreading rapidly, as it is throughout the world. As of yesterday, Turkey saw it's 30th death of a senior citizen with 1,256 cases. Many flights both national and international have been cancelled. Much of the tourism industry has been forced to shut down in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. Most museums are closed and the government has placed a curfew on citizens over age 65, while urging Turkish citizens to stay in their homes. Over the weekend, citizens took the nice weather as an opportunity to visit parks, monuments, and beaches, pushing the government to force citizens to take its warnings more seriously.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of March 13, 2020

Turkey confirms 5th case - read more here

Turkey halts flights to 9 European Nations - read more here

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update as of March 12, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, many have begun questioning whether or not upcoming travel is safe. Here’s what you need to know if you are planning a trip to Turkey:

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is a respiratory illness that causes fatigue, fever, cough, and respiratory issues. The virus is taking the world by storm in it’s quick development.

The coronavirus is spreading worldwide and requires you to exercise regular precautions such as washing your hands regularly with soap and water and avoiding touching your face. While the United States says to exercise these precautions and avoid unnecessary travel, it is important to know your risk when traveling to Turkey.

As of March 11, President Donald Trump restricted travel for citizens from several countries in Europe, however, Turkey is currently not on that list. Currently, Turkey has only one confirmed case of the virus, and the individual is in quarantine as an attempt to halt the spread of the virus.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends if you are above the age of 70 and/or have an autoimmune disorder, that you refrain from any travel to protect yourself and to slow the spread of COVID-19. As this story develops, we will keep you updated here on the Coronavirus in Turkey.


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