Day Boat Trips in Cirali, Turkey

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

Mahi Mahi Boat Tour, Cirali

“It’s where I find peace,...” our newfound boating friend described the southern coastline we found ourselves drifting along. Surrounding us, rigid red and gray rock gracefully plunged into the turquoise Mediterranean sea. On this particular day, following the rock to its summit revealed low riding clouds; the exact height of the mountain remained undisclosed. A scene of this sort was best paired with freshly caught fish, deep fried by our hospitable guide. After eating, a drizzle of rain quickly turned the turquoise sea to a deep gray. We began our journey back to shore. 

Over a glass of çay, we watched the Mediterranean and conversed with our boating friends: a family from Uzbekistan, and a Turkish family who lives in Germany. Before we could make it back to our port, the stormy skies cleared, turning the sea a new color. This time it was a deep, trustworthy blue - far too inviting to not pull into our final cove of the day, and jump in. 

The best way to experience the southern coastline of Turkey is by taking a Mahi Mahi Yacht alongside the Mediterranean. If you’re craving a relaxing day while on vacation, you will not regret boating with Mahi Mahi. The top deck of the boat is a great place to lay down and relax, and the bottom deck is where you can get to know your guides, and other passengers on the boat. During your time on the sea, you will have unlimited refreshments and you will indulge in freshly fried fish. Throughout your day trip, your boat will stop along Çıralı’s beautiful coves, allowing you to take in the breathtaking views, relax, and swim. 

Sea turtles may swim alongside your boat as you enter a cove. If you choose to jump off the boat, they may even let you touch them as you swim side by side. The Mediterranean is home to loggerhead turtles, green turtles, and leatherback turtles, all of which you might interact with during your boat tour. It is documented that around 8,600 loggerhead turtle nests are located in the Mediterranean each year, 90% of which are found in Turkey.  There is a large concentration of beautiful sea turtles on the coast of Çıralı. 


When you are ready to book your excursion with Mahi Mahi, there are a few options to consider. It is important to note that the best way to book a trip with Mahi Mahi is to go to their front desk. There are two office locations, one is in the center of town and the other is about a 5 minute bike ride down the road. Each trip departs at 10:30 AM, and returns at around 5:00 PM, depending on weather conditions. You can either book a private tour or a group tour. 


Different pricing options are available, including the option to book a private tour,or özel tekne turu. If you prefer, you can also book a small group (1-10 people) tour or larger (11-20 people) tour which is more budget-conscious.  Both private and group tours include intermittent meals and snacks. At around 1 pm, you will eat freshly caught and deep fried fish, Turkish salad, and pasta. An hour or so later, you will enjoy tea and cookies, followed by fresh fruit later on. There are also unlimited beverages throughout your trip, including hot coffee and tea, iced tea, beer, sodas, and water. Enjoy the sea during your trip with Mahi Mahi!


Main office: Kuzdere, 07980 Kemer/Antalya

Secondary office: Ulupınar, Çıralı Sk, 07982 Kemer/Antalya


by Abigail Goosen

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