Who Pays for TTP?

Last Updated on May 3, 2019

Turkey Travel Planner (TTP) is offered free to travelers worldwide in the hope that they will enjoy more fulfilling travels in Turkey.

It’s a great pleasure for me to gather all the information, organize it, take the photos, write it all up, design the web pages and present them to you. To tell the truth, I haven’t has as much fun since I wrote my first guidebook. TTP truly is a labor of love!

But it also costs money: travel expenses, website hosting, computer and software needs, and the normal expenses of living add up, and although I subsidize a lot of it, I can’t do it all.

In order to pay the bills, Turkey Travel Planner has several commercial aspects, for which I ask your support:

Personal Trip Consultations

Sponsored Pages

Advertising Revenues

Unlike guidebooks, for which travelers pay, or magazines and newspapers, for which both travelers and advertisers pay, TTP asks nothing of travelers but hopes they will support its advertisers and the establishments that sponsor pages on TTP, and will use TTP’s other commercial services if they find them helpful. That way, TTP will be here to help future travelers also.

Thanks for helping TTP—and other travelers!

Tom Brosnahan

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