King Midas in Turkey

Last Updated on April 30, 2019

The legend of King Midas and the Golden Touch was born in Turkey.

Poet and mythologist Robert Graves says that Midas was the son of the great Goddess Ida, and king of a Thracian tribe called the Brigians, who may have been descendants of the Mushki, a Pontic people who had moved to Thrace, then moved to western and central Anatolia.and became known as the Phrygians. The Phrygian kingdom flourished under Midas from about 725 BC to 675 BC.

According to the myth, Midas once did a favor for old Silenus, the teacher of Dionysus. In exchange, Midas was granted a wish.

Make everything I touch turn to gold!” quoth Midas, and so it did: food, drink, his horse, his servants, even his daughter, thereby breaking Midas’s heart.

Midas pleaded with Dionysus to release him from the curse of the Golden Touch. Dionysus told Midas to wash at the source of the River Pactolus (Gediz Nehri, near Kütahya) in Anatolia, and the curse would be gone.

Midas did, and was cured, and to this day you can see flakes of gold in the Gediz Nehri.

The legend was probably born to explain Midas’s great wealth and the flecks of gold people saw in the Pactolus/Gediz.

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