f Turkish Lesson 1: Greetings!

Turkish Lesson 1: Greetings!

Last updated on July 12th, 2019 at 03:52 pm

Turkish Lesson 1, Greetings! Here are your first ten words of Turkish. You can learn them in just a few minutes today and you’ll use them every day—several times—during your travels in Turkey:
1 Hello Merhaba MEHR-hah-bah
2 Good morning, good day Günaydın gew-nahy-DUHN
3 Good evening İyi akşamlar EE ahk-shahm-LAHR
4 Good night İyi geceler EE geh-jeh-LEHR
5 Goodbye Allaha ısmarladık ah-LAHS-mahr-lah-duhk
6 Bon voyage Güle güle gew-LEH gew-LEH
7 What is your name? Adınız ne? AH-duh-NUHZ neh
8 My name is… Adım… Ah-DUHM…
9 How are you? Nasılsınız? NAHS-suhl-suh-nuhz
10 I’m fine, thank you. İyiyim, teşekkür ederim. ee-YEE-yihm, tesh-ek-KEWR eh-dehr-eem

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