Turkish Lesson 2: Pardon Me…

Turkish social interaction tends to be very polite. Turkish Lesson 2, Pardon Me, Words 11 to 20, gives you the words you need:
11 Pardon me Affedersiniz, pardon af-feh-DEHR-see- neez, pahr-DOHN
12 Yes/no Evet/hayır eh-VEHT/HAH-yuhr
13 Please. Lütfen LEWT-fehn
14 Help yourself. Buyurun(uz) BOOY-roon-(ooz)
15 Thanks. Teşekkürler [or] Sağ ol [or] Mersi teh-sheh-kewr-LEHR, SOWL, mehr-SEE
16 You’re welcome. Bir şey değil beer SHEHY deh-YEEL
17 Friend Arkadaş Ar-kah-DAHSH
18 What? Ne? NEH
19 How? Nasıl? NAH-suhl
20 Who? Kim? KEEM

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Lesson 1: Greetings!

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