Ephesus Experience Museum in Turkey

Last Updated on March 6, 2024

The Ephesus Experience Museum (Efes Deneyim Müzesi) is located within the Ephesus Archaeological Site in Selçuk, Turkey. It was recently opened (August 2023) and offers a unique way to experience the wonders of Ephesus as they existed in ancient times.

The museum is primarily an audiovisual experience focused on the stories of influential goddesses and historical figures. It invites visitors to imagine all those who have stepped foot on this historical site.

Visitor Info

Ticket Price: $13.50 (priced locally in Turkish lira). This price is for both foreign tourists and locals.

Opening Times: 8 am-6 pm daily

Location: Inside Ephesus Archaeological Site (map)

Facility Features

The museum is accessible with ramps both into the museum as well as the cafe located next to the museum. The cafe features comfortable seating, an amazing view of the Ephesus archaeological site, and a selection of food and beverages.

Both the museum and cafe are well-staffed, and employees spoke a good amount of English and were very friendly.

It's worth noting that visitors with epilepsy, vertigo, and sound or smoke sensitivity might have difficulties with this museum due to its visualizations, high volume, and the presence of a fog machine in the third room.

Location & Ticket Prices

The Ephesus Experience Museum is located between the Theatre and the Library of Celsus within the ancient site of Ephesus. Keep in mind, in order to access the museum, you'll need to already have a ticket to enter Ephesus. It requires a separate entrance ticket which is not covered by the Museum Pass (for foreign tourists), nor the MüzeKart (for Turkish citizens and foreign residents). This is because it is operated by DEM Museums, which is not affiliated with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

For this price, an audioguide, available in 16 languages, is included. The total visiting time is roughly 20 minutes. If you take time to have a drink at the cafe and a short stroll through the gift shop, you can expect to spend just under an hour at the museum.

It's best visited after the Ephesus Theatre and before continuing to the Library of Celsus. Alternatively, you may wish to visit the ancient site of Ephesus (Efes) first and return to the museum when the weather is hotter or there are more crowds. There's even more to discover outside of this area. Read more about what to see & do in Ephesus/Selcuk.

Visiting Experience

After paying for your ticket, you will be directed to an audioguide booth where you can choose the language you would like to listen to. The headset includes an audio device worn around your neck and headphones that have hygienic covers.

Afterward, you will wait at the entrance to be led into the first room by your guide. You may have to wait a few minutes until there is a small group ready to enter. However, all of the times of the audioguides, no matter what language, are synchronized so you will move through all 3 of the rooms together with your group.

Room 1

A guide will lead you into the first room which is surrounded by projection on all 4 walls. There is also a glass screen in the center of the room where history comes to life through audiovisual storytelling. You can hear both the audio narration as well as the background sound effects from the surround sound system. Moving projections on the walls recount ancient myths and tales of legendary figures like Alexander the Great. The focus in this room is on the region's history and its connection to the goddess Artemis.

Room 2

Room 2 immerses you in the Roman era, simulating a walk through the ancient city with a floor resembling ocean waves. You appear to be walking through the ancient city of Ephesus, and as the city moves towards you, it disappears into the virtual waves beneath your feet. This was one of the highlights of the museum.

The experience extends to standing in a theater, and you even step into the Yamaç Evleri (terrace houses). This room takes a journey into the city's history, discussing life during those times and the changes brought about during the Christian era. It offers a vivid imagining of the past where you can learn about life as it was for the Ephesians.

Room 3

In Room 3, you enter to see a statue of Artemis surrounded by smoke and mirrors. Artemis is one of the main points of storytelling present in this museum and it seems only right that she delivers a message at the end of the experience.

After finishing this appx. 15-20 minute experience, you exit to return the audio guide which is located inside of the gift shop.

Personal Review

The Ephesus Experience Museum is worth a visit, though the $13.50 ticket may seem steep for a 15 to 20-minute experience. It's a great way to visually connect with ancient times, but if you're a history buff, you might find this museum lacking as its primary focus is to explore ancient times through storytelling.

If you're in search of genuine artifacts without the flashy presentation, the Ephesus Museum offers a more comprehensive historical experience. However, if you want an immersive audiovisual experience where you can virtually step foot into the past, the Ephesus Experience Museum is a perfect fit.

- by Kimberly Price

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